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As a brand, we stand for inclusivity, diversity, and the belief that fashion knows no boundaries. Our collections are designed to flatter every body type, suit every personality, and cater to a spectrum of occasions.

Color Butterfly

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to redefine men's fashion by merging classic aesthetics with contemporary trends. Every piece in our collection is a testament to our dedication to detail, precision, and a passion for the art of tailoring.

CLP Clothing Astronaut Collection

Astronaut is collection where you will see the little man with his... 

We are more than just a men's clothing brand; we are a statement of individuality, a celebration of timeless elegance, and a commitment to crafting garments that resonate with the modern man's lifestyle.

CLP Clothing Kategatt Collection

The Kateggat collection is inspired and dedicated to the city-submerged in the... 

Thank you for choosing CLP Clothing to be a part of your journey. Whether you're stepping into the boardroom, celebrating a milestone, or simply embracing the everyday, we are here to dress you for the moments that matter.